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    shaped layers are not updating in ae after changing them in Photoshop

      I created a photoshop CS3 file that has a grid and 3 layers with editable shapes (a graph that has to be changed daily). When importing them into AE CS3 as a comp cropped layers, After Effects sees the layers and layer masks correctly. The problem is when we go back into photoshop and only change the points on the shape layers, save the file, and open the saved After Effects file, the shaped layers are not updated. Even the reload footage does no avail .
      Steps to reproduce issue
      1. Create a layer in photoshop and make a shape
      2. Save the photoshop file.
      3. Import the Photoshop file in After Effects as a comp
      4. Save the After Effects Project
      5. Reopen the photoshop file and edit points on the shape layer.
      6. Save the Photoshop file
      7. Open the After Effects project.
      8. The SHAPE layer WILL NOT UPDATE. The mask is still the same as the original first saved file.