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    colours stepping when animating

    Dan Jacobsen
      hi all,

      probably a silly question, but here goes.

      I had some large white captions in the bgnd of a comp. their maximum opacity was 4% and they animated up from 0% and back down again. they were on a black background, so in effect they were very dark grey.

      As they animated over 2sec they stepped quite badly. not really surprising if they went 0,1, 2, 3 then 4%. but i was kind of hoping they'd not stick to those integers and animate from RGB 0,0,0 to 10,10,10 or whatever it is.

      So, in this animation how exactly does the colour change? and in how many steps?

      I tried changing the 4% to 100% then changing the opacity of the matte but the effect was the same.

      I also thought i was stuck with the problem while using 8bit so i changed the project to 16bit. but i didn't know if i should've changed anything else.

      So, basically, is there away round this to get smooth animations. the end result will end up on digibeta tape and then broadcast as anamorphic pal.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          What output format are you using? Maybe this is merely a matter of the CoDec you are using... Other than that: 2sec/30fps = 4%/x, which gives a per frame rate of change of about 0.016. This would not map out too well on the available 0.4 for 1% in 8bit, so yes, it definitely could be a problem if values need to be rounded for encoding/ saving. 16bpc may improve this ever so slightly, but again, after the encoding the advantage may be lost. I think you would have much better luck with actually animating the color values, as it will provide a better way of dithering...

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            (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
            If you're having a hard time figuring out how to animate the color of the text instead of the opacity, you could try setting your text layer to use maximum opacity (100%), then applying the "Fill" effect. You could then animate the fill color instead of opacity, giving you a wider value range with which to work, however, you may still encounter the problem as a result of the destination codec, as Mylenium has suggested.
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              (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
              Of course, the other way (if it's Live Text layer), would be to add an animator for the "Fill Color".
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                Dan Jacobsen Level 1
                thx guys.

                this is a PAL 8bit project. so 25fps. and I nearly always use no compression.

                I was actually just looking at the RAM preview. after what you said i rendered one out with opacity animated, and one with the colour animated.

                these 2 clips looked much better. perfectly acceptable, with the colour animated version looking slightly better.

                I didn't realise RAM preview could do this. does it just process a compressed version then?

                Is it possible to set it to a lossless or no comp if i ever need to check things like this?
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  No. If it only occurs in the RAM preview, then you clearly need to adjust your graphics card settings (but these days most of them default to 32bit TrueColor, anyway, so that should be no problem) or buy a better monitor. Sounds like you are using a really bad LCD monitor who is only able to display a limited number of colors at a time.

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                    Dan Jacobsen Level 1

                    while playing back via RAM preview i'm looking at it on the mac monitor, but it also goes out via a black magic card to a broadcast tube monitor. this is what i use to check things.

                    so, could it be the black magic box?

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                      Mmh, I tend to think so. Since you speak of a "box" it would indicate that it relies on your graphics card and FireWire/ USB connection for conversion, which may also require a fixed color setting for the main computer screen with all the bad side effects of 8bit. Not sure, though....