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    After Effects CS3 - error: could not create 8935 x 9152 image buffer + slow

    Generaltwig Level 1
      Hello. I am receiving this error message every time i try render my 3min composition. it gets about 1/5 way through which takes about an hour. i have read the General Specialist troubleshooting guide and it has not helped yet.

      i am now rendering with Image Cache: Maximum RAM Cache Size at 10% and purging after every 20 frames (in secret prefs) - even if this works, the 3min render is estimated to finish in 9hrs. Does this sound normal, or acceptable? Is it possible i have a hardware deficiency? or something else lacking.

      My PC specs are: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.40GHz; 4GB RAM; Geforce 8800 GTS. Running XP 32bit SP3; After Effects CS3 (fully updated). I have updated my graphics card driver (180.48) and my mainboard chipset driver. My memory settings are as they appear in the http://generalspecialist.com/2006/11/avoiding-after-effects-error-could-not.asp guide, & I've dropped max RAM cache to 10%. My disk cache size is 10000MB and set to an empty 75GB 10000RPM Raptor HDD.

      The composition has 30 layers - mainly layers imported from PSDs and then animated with basic transform tools and some distortion effects (wave warp) to create 2D character animation. There are 6 pre-composed layers containing the same kind of PSD layers and animation. I try to render out to an uncompressed .avi in 720x576 with 15fps.

      Even before I noticed this rendering problem, After Effects runs painfully slowly. the composition monitor takes ages to refresh, even in the Quarter quality view mode i am forced to work in. and over the course of the day, on 3 occasions - the PC lagged after scrubbing through the timeline, froze, then Blue Screen of Death'ed before rebooting before i could even read the blue screen error.

      Please offer some assistance or ideas as to how i can move forward. I have tried to help myself with existing material online, but to no avail.

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          (Dan_O'Rourke) Level 1
          Try scaling your images down in photoshop first. It will make it easier for AE to digest. If your images in AE are scaled down to something like 10 percent in your comp thats a tonne of math for AE to work out.

          If you cant scale them down in photoshop for whatever reason try building a targa stack. If and when your machine craps out you won't loose your progress on the render.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            >Does this sound normal, or acceptable?

            It sounds normal within the realm of AE, but how acceptable it really is, is another matter entirely. ;-) As suggested, scaling the sources in PS would be one way, another one would be to chop up the large documents into manual tiles and parent them together. Based on how AE works, only tiles visible within the comp frame will be loaded, which should make the whole process more streamlined. That's assuming they are not 3D layers that need to be fully visible at any given point, of course. Even then, rendering to an image sequence is still advisable in case of crashes... Depending on what you actually do, you may also want to find a different way of dealing with your distortion effects. They considerably expand/ dilate image buffers for processing, complicating the matter further.

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              Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
              Turn off multi-processing and try to isolate which layer and then which is hitting the buffer limit. Remember to turn down number of Undos and use the "Edit" -> "Purge" command to empty the buffer.

              This old tip may also come in handy:
              i http://generalspecialist.com/2006/05/using-more-than-2gb-of-ram-in-after.asp

              - Jonas Hummelstrand