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    i get this error

      when i choose dissolve ripple, i get an error saying ''dissolve master control '' is not found and it misses the transition dissolve part of the effect

      y is this happening?
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          Dan Jacobsen Level 1

          I haven't used any of these effects so forgive me if i'm wrong.

          but i just had a look. it seems dissolve ripple is a preset which uses 3 effects linked together with expressions.

          your error message implies of of those effects, 'dissolve master control' is not in the plugin folder. perhaps it's got corrupted or deleted?

          If you can't get it back in and working, try deleting 'solid composite' and 'dissolve master control' if it's there, from the layer. also remove the expression in 'ripple' that refers to 'diss master...'. this seems to animate the wave height with the transition.

          then just animate wave height and opacity as you need to.

          hope that helps.
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            Level 1
            thank you that makes sense
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              The error would also occur if for some reason you are trying to use a preset that was saved in a different language than the one you are running AE in. This could e.g. happen when installing in the wrong language. Unfortunately effects controls are language-specific if called by name....

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                Posorus Level 1


                I just had the same  pb  on "Dissolve Master Control" AE get stuck on it with an alert.

                After having check it spresence, I realize that  there is o Dissolve Master Control plugin on my computer, where can I get it ?