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    AE and web video clips


      i am creating short video clips for the web using AE. i love the program and have not even begun to dive into all of the things you can do with AE. here is an example of clips i made and then imported into flash:


      when i created the people signing clips, i reduced the dimensions so they would fit perfectly in that right corner.

      so here is my question...

      suppose i want to create a web advertisement with an odd size...say maybe...155 pixels wide by 375 pixels high, and then create some video clips in AE and then put them inside of this odd-shaped ad. is there a trick to doing this, maybe a technique that i am unaware of, that will make the video show up properly? or instead, would i have to create some kind of 155 x 375 mask in AE and then make sure all of the stuff i want to show up in the ad happen within that mask?

      please advise. thanks. the deaf guy