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    AE CS4 Rendering is really slow compared to CS3

      I am rendering out a 90 minute movie as an MPEG IMX 525 30 mov file. Nothing special, just a movie with a bunch of text layers.

      In AE CS3 (v8.0.2), I selected "multiprocessor processing" option and it renders very fast, aprox 60 fps

      In AE CS4 (v9.0.0.346), I have tried all combinations of settings, and it will start rendering about 10fps, and end up only doing 2fps.

      I have tried de-selecting MP rendering, and using OpenGL, but everything is slow.

      I have an 8-core Mac Pro 2.8 (Early 2008 model) 4gb ram (Yes, I know it's not a lot).

      If anyone has any insight about this, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!