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    How to create an effect unknown

      I've been tasked to create an effect but no one knows how to describe what it should look like.

      It is the point of view of a new born baby in the delivery room. Because a new born can't see the way we do, how would one interpret this? I thought perhaps as seen through thin eye lids like a vail or even blurry indistinct focus or maybe a combination of the two.

      How would you guys do this?
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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
          Totally depends on the style of the message you are trying to communicate and what the little tyke is supposed to be looking at and why.
          But, yeah, blurry would do the trick. However, I'd shoot it out of focus in the camera rather than trying to do it with filters. Unless you're using the better camera lens simulation filters, just putting a blur on footage is not as believable as actual lens artifacts.

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            Actually I was thinking of tackling this effect without using in camera FX. The first thing that came to mind was the POV effect from the Daredevil film, but reverse. What the tyke would be seeing (or not) is supposed to be an actual POV without adult speculation