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    Reshaping video?

      Hello, I wanted to know how to reshape part of a video. I have a video clip and in it there is animation that is in a curve angle. Is there any way to try to flatten that section so I can have it look like its a 2d front view of it. I am ok with any distortions. Just any help to get started.

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          bezier warps or mesh warps can usually reshape video like this.
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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8
            The Reshape effect morphs an image from one shape to another, with each of the shapes defined by a mask path.

            See the "Reshape effect" section of After Effects Help on the Web for details.

            If that doesn't work for you, maybe some of the other Distort effects will.

            My first thought was to use the Puppet tools, actually, but that's not quite as useful for going from one well-defined shape to another. Even if you're not going to use the Puppet tools, you might want to watch the Richard Harrington video tutorial linked to from the bottom of the "About the Puppet tools" page. It describes what sort of preparatory work you need to do if you're only going to "reshape part of a video" (as opposed to the somewhat easier task of reshaping the whole image).