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      hi everybody i'm doing a title video for the company i work at. i have some ideas but would like to maybe get ideas from you guys as well, something simple, im thinking either text circling the logo or text flying in and shattering away, it's a phone company that always goes for the 'clean' look so they wouldn't go for something too crazy you know. so if anyone has any ideas they wouldn't mind sharing let me know thanks. and if there's any advice as to how to do them please let me know, im new with shatter and am basically going to follow the online tutorials i can find so if theres any advice you can give it's well appreciated thanks.
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          craulmedia Level 1

          Try this for inspiration: http://www.artofthetitle.com

          and this for learning: http://videocopilot.net/

          use with caution and respect

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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
            Thomas, thank you very much for the wonderful link to Art Of The Title.

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              yeah thanks for artofthetitle.com that's pretty cool, never knew about that site, videocopilot i've learned a lot from and of course i've looked at the shatter tuts on youtube. i think i might stick to those, you know text slams in, then shatters away......is there a realistic or semi-realistic way to make a ball bounce on screen, what i would want to do is slam the text onto a virtual plane, then have a ball bounce from behind the camera at the text and when it hits it, shatter!