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    NEED help with layers and masks (probably easy)

      I'm new with After Effects, though I've been using Premiere and Photoshop for quite some time now. I'm working on a movie in After Effects and I've stumped myself. I need help to continue.

      Cutting to the chase: Is there an easy way to mask to a certain layer without it being directly behind or in front of another layer?

      To give the best idea of what I need help with, I'll describe the video exactly.
      Basically, I filmed one shot with a pencil sharpener, a straw going into the top of it (to fill it with fake blood) (you'll understand in a second) and the other shot is my friend's finger going down and touching the desk. The idea here is that I masked the 2 layers to make it look as though his finger goes down and into the sharpener, resulting in blood to fill up the inside and pour out.
      The problem here is that I've set up a lot of masks, to make sure the lighting is consistent in both layers, and I also created a "shadow" on the sharpener of the finger, so that's another layer. I've set it all up so that the frame looks good. But now the problem is that I can't seem to get the finger to actually go BEHIND the layer of the sharpener so that it disappears and looks like its going in, without ruining the setup of layers and masks I have. The reason why is because I would need to move the layer that contains the actual sharpener up, and I can't do that without messing up all the other layers and masks. Is there an easier way to fix it, or should I go back and redo all the masks with the layer in the right spot? Any help would be greatly appreciated.