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    More weird aliasing on text layer (bug?)

    bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
      Please recall or refer to this thread:

      I'm working in 3D and the text elements are rotated slightly in all 3 axes.

      I am having the same problem but the cause is quite simple as is the cure. As soon as I apply an effect (in my case, Change to Color) to a text layer, I see terrible aliasing on the text. Turn off the effect, the text layer looks brilliant. Switching the raster button has no effect on the jaggies.

      If I create a solid Layer and apply Basic Text Effect (instead of creating a text object layer) the layer's text renders brilliantly regardless of effects applied to the Solid Layer.

      I'd love to be able to mount some still shots for you but it's remarkably difficult from behind my office firewall. I believe you can easily reproduce this issue, though, using a text layer and a Text Effect applied to a solid

      This can be reproduced on my partner's Macintosh which is a literal clone of my machine with all matching hardware and software.

      User error? I think I'm doing everything corrctly.
      Bug? I'd love to be finding bugs in Adobe software.