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    After Effects export as Premiere Pro project weird PAL/NTSC problem

      This post is not a question. It's here, because I've found a solution and want to share with You.
      I've noticed a strange problem during export from AE to PR.

      Ok, here I go.
      AE = After Effects CS3
      PR = Premiere Pro CS3

      My AE project is D1/DV PAL Widescreen. It is a sequence of slideshow with some video effects applied. I needed that sequence in PR. I was happy to find a new feature - export as premiere pro project (new for me - i am pretty rookie ;). Thaks to this feature I have saved most of my disk space that is always to low. But, like every first try, this one was not perfect too. I had two problems.

      Problem no 1.
      I opened exported project in PR and saw message like "video effect AE.CC COMPOSITE not present".
      Whole composition was working perfectly except that one video effect that was fundamental for this project.

      *Solution was as easy as it can be. I've just copied that effect from AE plugin folder to PR plugin folder. It worked for this.

      Problem no 2
      Like says AE Help "When you export an After Effects project as an Adobe Premiere Pro project, Adobe Premiere Pro uses the settings from the first composition in the After Effects project for all subsequent sequences."

      Project settings in PR was exactly D1/DV PAL Widescreen. So where is the problem You ask?
      Therefore why my Timeline works in NTSC 29,97 frame rate if all settings match PAL 25 frame rate?! I don't know.

      *Solution to fix this annoying bug is to create a new project in PR with all settings for D1/DV PAL Widescreen in this case. Than just import that PR project exported from AE. Now timeline works like it should in PAL frame rate.

      That's it.
      I hope this post is helpful, because I didn't find any answer for this here in Adobe forum.