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    Installation Help

      For several years I used a student copy of AE 7.0 that I bought while I was in film school on my iMac g5, quite happily. Recently I had to reinstall my operating system and my software.

      Unfortunately I now find that my original AE 7.0 Install disc is not working. The Mac won't even recognize the disc, and it has not problem with any other ROM or DVD i put in the drive.

      I called Adobe and they were no help at all because they don't provide support for 7.0 anymore.

      Anyone have any suggestions? Can I download this anywhere? I can't afford to upgrade.

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          This issue sounds familiar, though off-hand I'm not sure about the solution. I really can't remember where I've read this... You could probably simply copy the DVD content to an external harddrive or USB stick, copy it onto your desktop and install it from there. Of course this requires you to find someone with another computer, ideally a Mac. You could also attempt to burn a disc copy and see if it works. If you happen to have a PC, you could also do some of this using MacDrive (it has a 30 day fully functional trial, just the Mac disc burning is disabled)... So after all, it's not hopeless.

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            Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't even access the disc to get at the info and copy it. It's totally unreadable. That's why I was hopping for a download mirror or something.
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              Unfortunately I only started using Mac as of CS3, so I cannot provide more help. It should however be totally possible to find someone with perfectly intact discs. You could also go searching for the AE7 trial version which you should be able to turn into the full product using your serial...

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                As far as I recall, AE7 didn't offer a downloadable full version, only a trial missing some items. I know items like the Cycore Effects and Color Finesse were in a folder on the disk.

                Your best bet is to post here and on lists like softmotion to see if someone can make you a copy of their disks that you can then use your serial number to install with. I don't have any, they got cleaned a while ago.

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                  (sigh) I do have the full final cut studio [student] verson with Motion which I *******' hate. but I could probably get by using it for this up coming project I have. Does anyone know if of a good cross walk document online for adobe AE users who need to use this Made by Matel software so that I can train up?
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                    Mmh, and if you just used the CS4 trial? Apart from that, indeed asking on some mailing lists or other forums might help. I really would like to help and even have enough server space, I just don't have the AE7 Mac install discs to make them available to you. Regarding your concerns working with Motion: I'm not aware that there is a document on it, but I found Motion's own help PDF quite sufficient to work my way through the app within what functionality I ever need (which, of course is not often, as my MacBook is only my tertiary/ quarternary system at this point). The best tip I can give you, is to really think of it as some kind of Photoshop with animation - everything happens in the Layers palette. All attributes you add can be best thought of as adding layer styles to a PS document, so basically everything that is not in a layer or group or has its visibility disabled, will not show up. This principle is also carried on the timeline, where nested groups will be presented as nested bars. Watch out for the keyframing, though. Most of it is done in the effect controls, not in the timeline, which is quite cumbersome at times....

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                      Thanks for the response. :-)