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    After Effects CS3 - - Not registering / not allowing me to use product.


      Recently I decided to get back into using After Effects. However, whenever I go to use it, after about 15 seconds, a window pops up telling me to register my product. In the past I declined this option saying I would do it later. So this time I decided to register. However after filling out the information and hitting register now, a message pops up saying I don't have the authorization to view the page. Now whenever I open up After Effects, this window pops up, it will not let me hit register later, it fails to register, and I can not exit out of this window preventing me from using my product.

      Any help would greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          C:\Documents and Settings\Jake\Application Data\Adobe

          There are various "com.adobe.[productID].registration" files for different Adobe products, at least one of them for AE. Open it, change the first line to "never" and the dialog will go. It should do that however correctly when you dismiss the dialog, so I'm assuming you have a permission problem and cannot write to the file. Likewise, you network failures might hinge on the permissions or a firewall blocking the way.