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    wrapping text around Human figure?

      hi all,

      i would like to wrap text around human figures shot by camera (not 3d characters). is there any way i could do it?

      if i could describe the effect, it would be like when a human figure stands in front of projector. the projection falls on the human figure and whatever part of the projection is on human figure, it is wrapped on the human figure. only in this case it is text.

      i hope i am able to explain what i want.

      thanks in advance,
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          Masking, keying, more masking, motion tracking and lots of painstaking animation of the text to match it to the contours of the talent. This will involve drawing additional paths for the text and treating them with distortion effects or controlling their parameters via text animators. In so many words: If you have limited experience with AE and the footage hasn't been shot with this in mind, then it will make you pull your hair out and you will end up severely frustrated. Therefore you should perhaps investigate alternate ways...

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            Can't you just project the text on the person with a projector and film THAT? Does it have to look CG?
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              The first thing you need to do is to separate the person from the background. The second thing you need to do is to generate use a copy of your person to generate a displacement map for your text. Then you use another copy of the person as a track matte for the displaced text layer.

              If you subject is lit fairly well this shouldn't be too difficult to pull off.

              Check out my short displacement map tutorial. Maybe it will give you some ideas. If I get any time in the next week or so I'll put up an example.