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    60i to 24fps in AE 9.0 Trial

      I downloaded a trial copy of Adobe After Effects because I read that I could convert to 60i to 24fps. I followed this online tutorial:


      but the setup is different. I don't have an AndrewKramer folder or even an FPS Converter that I can find. The entire setup of AE is different from this guy's tutorial-- which is pretty good otherwise. I've been able to get through the tutorial up to the point where the FPS Converter needs to be dropped on the footage. What should I do now to finish the conversion in my seemingly different AE?

      Thanks in advance for your help. I haven't been able to find any pertinent questions about converting 60i to 24 that don't involve Magic Bullet or some other software I don't own. (I'm using Final Cut 5.1 and I'm on a Mac, of course.)