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    Seeking someone experienced with AE for help with certain effect (paid)

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      I am making a short film and I only have a few things left to finish. However, I had hoped to finish within a week, but there is this certain effect I'm trying to achieve in a shot that I'm not able to figure out. Let me explain...

      A man approaches an elevator. The camera points at the front of him, then as he approaches, it circles around his head to reveal the elevator in front of him (the cam now faces his back). So during a time in the shot, his upper body and head block the way of the elevator. Now I wish to have some shadows around the elevator area- either with a transparent image that is tracked, or with some negative exposure affects on certain areas of the image.

      I'd like some help! Either a suggestion on the best way I can do this, or, if someone wants to make some money, they can do the effect for me (and get proper credit in the movie) while I finish up some other editing.
      Right now what I'm trying to do is create a mask around him... but the shot is... complicated... and long, so it's very time consuming.

      The film is a suspense thriller that will be released to several film festivals.

      I'd appreciate help. If pictures are needed, let me know.