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    Tween Image Caching?  (Purge-> Image cache not working)

      I have a newb question about image caching and key frames. I'll use an example to describe my issue.

      I'm animating a camera in a 3d space for a depth of field look. when I create an animation with say 2 keyframes and then I add two in between the original keyframes, AE seems to keep the tween value properties in between(to some extent), even after I add the two new keyframes. It gives a yoyo animation in between.
      So for example, I have an animation that goes from xposition=20 to xposition=100 Then I add 2 "hold" keyframes at xposition=50
      It still does a yoyo animation in between the two x=50 keyframes even though on both of the middle keyframes the values are exactly the same. I have tried clearning the image cache, and moving the keyframes around to "clear" them, I have also tried to paste over them. I don't know why this happens. Any ideas?