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    Pixel Aspect CS4 is no compatible with other systems/softwares

      If you make a video with a circle twisting around itself in CS4 in a comp like dvpal (PAR 1,09) and export to other system like smoke, flame, avid, final cut, When import, the video is ok, but if you want twist de video around itself (IN SOME OF THIS SYSTEMS) the circle deforms like an oval or an egg. This dont occur if you do the circle in previous after effects with PAR 1,07 because the settings match with the other systems (avid, etc). The same deformations occur whit if you make a circle in a still image. Make a circle in CS4 in DVPAL (1,09) and export like still image,import and rotate in other software (avid, finalcut, smoke, etc.), it look like an egg. So what happen with this? This new Pixel aspect is no compatible with the other softwares!. This is bad!!!What's the solution? Must wait for the correction in all the other softwares? I don't think so. Sorry my english. Thank's. Diego (Argentina)