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    SecurityError #2049

      Dear all,

      Please help me to solve this problem in Flash security.
      My situation is below,
      1. I create an Upload application by using Flex3
      2. When I run the application in Flex3 Builder by Alt+Shift+X and F key, it is okie. No error is issued.
      3. When I embeded this Upload application with Flash embeded tag in JSP page. And I deploy the JSP page into Tomcat 6.0.14. Then I open this JSP page by web url, such as http://localhost:8080/mypage.jsp. And I upload with a file, I get an error: type="securityError" error="#2049".
      4. But, if after a long time, about a half of day, I use http://localhost:8080/mypage.jsp to upload files without errors.

      I don't know why.
      I have been finding the solution for security in flash, but not found until now.
      I have used crossdomain.xml, but not useful in this situation.
      If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please tell me.

      Thanks in advance.