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    Layer markers seem to be placed late

      It seems that in AE CS3, the layer markers you place live (during a preview) using the '*' key are placed about a second or so late from where they should be. Anyone else notice that?

      They worked fine in my previous version (AE7).
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Not that I know. It will have a delay in actually drawing the markers on the UI (which indeed felt snappier in older versions), but they will appear at the right time. I'm more inclined to think that you are somehow experiencing a generalised slowdown/ delay on the system level due to performance issues. Any other apps running? OpenGL active? Also, if you are using audio, make sure your config is right. The handling has changed as of CS3 and the sound will now be played directly during previews as opposed to being buffered in RAM (if no mix is necessary). This may also cause laggy behavior.

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            Level 1
            The markers are definitely not being placed in the right spots.

            No other apps running. Should OpenGL be active or not? What are 'properly configured audio' settings?

            Seems like it may just be occurring in this one project. I'll have to test it some more. Not a complex project, so I'm not sure what could be different.

            Running WinXP SP2, 2 gigs RAM, AE CS3.
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              Marc Trzepla Level 1

              Anyone run into a fix for this?  Here it is a year after this original post and I'm having the same problem as the original poster.  My markers get consistently dropped down late.


              AE CS4 on Windows Vista with no other program running, no other layers / comps, OpenGL enabled, 4GB RAM, 2.6Ghz Core 2 Duo Dual Core processor.





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                TimeRemapper Level 4

                Try disabling OpenGL. Any difference?

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                  Marc Trzepla Level 1

                  I've tried it with both OpenGL on and off and there's no change.


                  I DID try changing the BUFFER SIZE which was set to 2048 / Default ... I made it the Max (8,000? I think?) and it didn't play at all . .. and if I made it the smallest (256?) it stuttered on playback and was unusable.  I slid the slider until it was playable again and it was right back where I started at 2048.



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                    TimeRemapper Level 4

                    Do you have any 3rd party input device drivers installed (i.e. intellipoint, tablet, etc...)? If so, maybe try disabling them temporarily, rebooting, and see if there is any difference.

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                      Marc Trzepla Level 1

                      I haven't tried the "disable 3rd party drivers" yet (I do have a Intellipoint installed for a Microsoft mouse...) but let me ask this...


                      First - a correction.  When I maxed out the Buffer the audio DID play but when I dropped down markers they went down even FURTHER away from when I wanted them.  So my rationale was to make the buffer SMALLER since LARGER increased the gap / discrepancy.


                      But get this - I found a different machine also running CS4 on a Mac where a) there was no "Default" Buffer Size button and b) the setting was 512, not the 2048 that I have ... and the markers worked perfectly there.  So why doesn't any value beneath 2048 work for me?  Why is playback all stuttery?


                      I think the answer lies somewhere in that - that if I set it to SMALLER - 512 - the timing would be perfect too - but smaller doesn't play for me.  Does anything less than the Default 2048 work for anyone running Windows Vista?  Again - this worked for me on older versions of After Effects and older /  slower machines, so I don't know why it's having so my trouble.


                      Will give the drivers angle a shot tonight.



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                        TimeRemapper Level 4

                        Hey Marc.


                        Honestly, I'm not that aware of how the buffer should affect your ability to drop cues.

                        I'm sure one of the Adobe folks, Mylenium, or someone else may be able to shed more light there.


                        That being said, I'm certain that intellipoint drivers have caused very odd errors in the past.

                        See if that works before pulling your hair out over the buffer size issue.