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    Having trouble with AE crashing on project save

      In the past few days, I have had problems with AE locking up while trying to save a project. The problem seems to be random, as I can save several times in a row, then at some point I will try to save, get the spinning beachball, then wait a few minutes before I get an error message:
      After Effects error: writing to file "AEtemp-29241" - disk error (I/O error; bad media) (-36).

      As it looked like a disk error, I moved all of my files to another local volume, but got the same results. The same thing happens with Save As, no matter where I save the file. We also tried making a new project file and bringing in the elements from the older version, in case it might be a corrupt project file. No luck. Also deleted and re-created the AE prefs.

      So having eliminated the source disk and the target disk as part of the problem, I thought it might be a problem with a source clip. I went back to the original Quicktime outputs from the Avid (the clips are 1920x1080 DNx 220) and re-rendered them as Animation, then replaced the footage in the comp.

      After doing this, and continuing to work on the project for a while, my next render crashed with the message:
      After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {unexpected match name searched for in group}, followed by:
      After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {PF_GetFloatingPointColorFromColorDef() called on non-PF_Param_COLOR} (25::249)

      The problem started when I added the Magic Bullet Look plugins to the workstation. I bought Magic Bullet Suite 2008 last week and ran some tests, everything seemed OK. But other projects on the same machine seem to be fine. This is the first project to use MB Look or any other MB plugin. Unfortunately, the project was designed around using the Look plugins, so I can't just ignore them and use something else.

      Finally, I tried moving the project to another workstation, deleting the plugins from the previous station and installing them on the new one. The problems follow the project even to a different station.

      Has anyone seen anything like this?

      Thanks in advance

      Specs: Mac Pro 8-core 2.88 GHz
      14 GB RAM
      OS 10.5.4
      QT 7.5.5
      AE 8.0.2
      Radeon HD 2600 XT w/ ROM ver 113-B1480A-252, EFI driver 01.00.252
      AE multiprocessors capped at 6
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          >PF_GetFloatingPointColorFromColorDef() called on non-PF_Param_COLOR

          I think the answer is there. In English: the internal color processing (PF) was unable to determine the color values from an external processing unit (non-PF), which is Looks Builder. It certainly is a problem with how Looks is processing the pixels using OpenGL. basically at some point it simply returns garbage to AE. The question would be: Can you find another workstation with another (non-ATI) graphics card, or use Bootcamp to e.g. launch a Windows version? I don't think there's another permanent solution to this, as apparently something goes wrong with specific pixel shader operations. These issues would have to be fixed in the plugin directly or by a driver update from ATI. I'd definitely contact RG's support on the matter. Refer to me and tell them I send you. They may be kind enough to fix you up with a Windows serial if necessary...

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            Thank you, Mylenium, for the insight. I am removing the MB plugins from the project right now to see if the problems clear up. I'll have to see if I have Windows versions of my other plugins (Shine, Cycore, etc) or if I can apply the Looks effects first on Windows then the others on Mac.

            And I will contact the RG folks.

            Thanks again.