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    Why can't AE show dynamic link AE comps and what is the smartest way to get around that?

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      A typical workflow for me would be something like this:

      1. Capure video in Premiere
      2. Edit video in Premiere
      3. Send some of the clips to AE using dynamic link (to do chroma keys etc)
      4. Fine tune the edits in Premiere
      5. When done with editing, send the whole Premiere project to AE for color correcting and fine-tuning effects

      Now everyhting else works like a charm, but as you know, AE won't show the clips that are dynamically linked compositions. In other words, AE will show everything else from the imported Premiere timeline, but not the AE compositions that I linked from AE to Premiere in step 3.

      This is of course a bummer, since it would be great to be able to
      a.) fine-tune these AE comps (like correct the chroma key problems)
      b.) render everyhting out from AE (the AE exporter is much more reliable than AME)

      So my question is:

      What is the smartest way to get around this issue? It seems like a lot of trouble if I need to export lossless files from Premiere in order to get everything to show up in AE? Should I perhaps rather import the AE files that has the dynamic link-comps in to the final AE project and replace the color bar (missing) footage with the right imported comps? or is there some better way that I'm not aware of?

      Any tips will be appreciated! Thank you!