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    No transparency in my Quicktime movies in AE CS3 -- help

      I'm rendering a set of animated captions on a transparent background. I need to drop them over existing video, so I need to maintain their transparency. I am, rendering them as QT movies, as animation, RGB+Alpha, millions + colors, straight: Unmultiplied. I can render a png sequence and hold the transparency, but I cannot get a quicktime movie to stay transparent. I get a black background. Can the Avid import the Quick time and key out the black? Am I doing something wrong. Importing the PNG sequence takes forever -- I have to ftp it across town and it toook an hour just to load onto the ftp site! Is rendering out to PNG sequences my only option. Why am I unable to get a transparent qt movie? ARGGGHHH!! I read on here that re-loading Quicktime might help? Has that worked for anyone? Is that the trouble? Anyone? Help?