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    long time thinking for RAM preview

    Dan Jacobsen
      hi there,

      when i had CS2 i found the RAM preview pretty fast. not the actual frame by frame processing, but the 'thinking' time at the beginning and then after the frames had buffered, just before it started to play.

      as soon as i got CS3, it seemed much worse. there's a big pause before the frame by frame bit. and the blue progress bar that used to shoot across under the comp window doesn't really move any more. even the frame by frame progress bar doesn't seem to give an accurate indication of what's going on any more.

      I bring it up now, as it seems to be getting worse. the comp i'm playing isn't too complicated but it is in a large project, with an imported other large project in it, if that makes a difference.

      if i try to play anything the machine just sits there for ages and then suddenly plays. it takes too long and the progress bars don't show what's happening. CS2 (on the same machine) just didn't do this.

      so firstly, does anyone know what i'm talking about? has anyone experienced this? i'd love to know if anyone had this difference between CS2 and CS3.

      secondly, can i fix it any how?

      and lastly, how does CS4 compare? is it fixed? or was it never broken and it's just me and my G5?

      ah, and i don't know if this is related, but the time before and after rendering in the render queue also seems worse than CS2. especially for tgas or jpgs