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    OT: C4D Question for Ko...

    Joey Morelli Level 1
      Hey Ko,

      I know you frequent this forum and I can't find you on some others. I have a C4D question for you. I have a 3D logo I built in C4D R10.5 Studio Bundle w/MoGraph that will be connected to 2 heavy link chains on 2 areas on top of the logo. I want to drop the logo from the top of the frame and have it bounce & rock realistically. If you can help, I need help with the following:

      1. Building a link chain (how to do this...toruses?)
      2. Have the chain react dynamically to the weight of the logo hanging from it

      If you can help with any suggestions on how I can accomplish this, I would be in your debt. I have a deadline and the holidays approacheth!!

      Here's what the (almost finished) logo looks like:


      Here's a sample of what I am trying to do:


      Thank you much...and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!