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    OpenGL warning

      this happened when i tried to render after adding the cartoon effect in CS4. i get the error even when i disable opengl in prefrences and even when i remove it from the plugins folder. if i try renaming sniffer_gpu.exe the effect actually affects the video in the composition but i cannot get it to render over time, just that initial starting frame. i tried setting my system colors to 16 bit and it works but it takes foorreevveerr to render. i mean really, a really looong time and opengl doesn't even show up in ae prefrences. i'm running windows vista with geforce go 6150. the other issue that may be related is that no matter what i do (and believe me, i've tried everything i can think of or seearch for) quicktime doesn't work properly with my system so i have to use vlc media player to play .mov. all my drivers are latest.