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    problem loading a preset(.ffx) -unavailable in dropdown menu (TC particular)

    nate_movingpixel Level 1
      firstly, thanks to Aaron Cobb for helping me out with the first part of my question, see:
      'creating hair/string with trapcode particular' (adobe forum)

      I have started a new topic - as i wasn't sure whether the last thread would be revisited..apologies if this is not the correct protocol.

      anywho: the problem as it is, at the moment:
      Aaron has graciously provided a ffx file...which i have dropped into preset/trapcode particular ffx folder...i have then restarted after effects, unfortunately the effect is unavailable from the dropdown menu in particular effect window.

      I can't figure out why this wouldn't show up...can someone put me out of my misery!

      the ffx Aaron provided sounds like the exact effect i'm going for (string)..it's a little frustrating having this 'sweetie and not being able to taste it!'

      anywho..thanking you in advance...merry christmas...peace to your homies!

      kind regards