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    After effects does not start.

      The errors are random as in. Some times it shows error 1 and other time it says unable creating font. I dunno why it does that. I did various researches since 3-4 days trying to find the cause of the error. I found a blog (called melinium or something). It says that ( 0 :: 42) is the most generic error and that cannot be narrowed down.. And for the Unable to create font error is because the fonts I don't know they said uninstall 3rd party fonts I probably have dozens of 3rd party fonts and I don't remember what they are called either...

      Note: I had purchased After effects cs3, used it for a long time and one day it gave me the (0:42) error. I installed After effects 7 and it still gave me the error. I am running After effects cs4 on trial version. and I think its really powerful (some testimonials, examples of the work on the new software). I want to buy it but, if it doesn't work on trial, I don't know why I would buy a product that does not work.

      Here are some screenshots.

      Help me fix it?

      I need this ASAP. Please Users.. help
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          Check this document for a listing of your default system fonts:


          It's doubtful, though, that simply removing some extra fonts will resolve the matter. More likely your entire Adobe Font System is messed up, probably by installing another Adobe tool recently that is not compatible with your previous setup. As a minor, you should try to remove the various AdobeFnt.lst files found in your user directory and the programs' install directories. They will be re-created from scratch on the next launch. If this doesn't help, you will very likely have to remove any and every Adobe program and re-install from scratch, including trashing all prefs.

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            All I can remember is I installed Roxio Media 2009 (waste of my money) and Before that my fonts used to be messed up (everything was bold or italic) I downloaded a registry file and that fixed the fonts up. Isn't there a way to just restore all vista fonts by default without having to do it manually?
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              Mylenium can you please tell me what to do. I didnt understand you. Also don't be afraid to use unprofessional english.....
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                The AdobeFnt*.lst files contain the actual cached font info that is used by Adobe products. There are several instances of them scattered in you Application Data and Program Files directories. If they are not in place, any Adobe app will initiate a full scan when it is launchged to rebuild these lists. This will take a bit longer, but may bring you back on track. As for "just restoring" all fonts that's a no go. In so many words: Windows simply doesn't care except for its (bitmap) system fonts and retains no info on which typefaces were installed by what application or user at which time. You will have to sort it out manually, I'm afraid. Tools like FontXPlorer, Suitcase or Typograf may help in the matter, if you really have that many fonts. They could also prevent future mishaps by defining sets which you can easily disable/ re-enable as needed...

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                  I've discovered a program that breaks AE CS3 and CS4. I've been working for 3 days to install a Trial version on a co-workers computer. From the very start we had the dreaded ( 0 :: 42) error.

                  After almost destroying the OS by removing fonts, Direct Show filters and everything else under the sun we finally found what was killing AE.

                  We uninstalled the drivers for his sound card and then AE ran. We reinstalled the sound drivers and AE failed. So we uninstalled the sound drivers and all associated sound card apps, rebooted and just let Windows XP-Pro SP3 install what it needed automatically and AE runs. His 5.1 speakers work but he doesn't have access to any controls of the speakers. But for now, at least he can demo AE and decide if he wants to buy it.

                  The sound card was a Creative Audigy VideoEditor. The drivers that broke AE are: BasicAudio_PCApp_1_00_03.exe and A2VX_PCDRV_L9_1_00_0050.exe (both downloaded from Creative's site)

                  Hopefully this will help others who have still not gotten AE to run and who have Creative Cards. We of course don't know if it affects all Creative products but it does seem to affect the VideoEditor version of Audigy.
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                    Update on my last post.

                    AE started malfunctioning again. What we determined is that we now have to turn off the VideoEditor with the power button (VideoEditor is an external device). With it turned on AE gives the 0::42 error. If it's turned off the AE will load. The only problem is that you can't do any audio editing now.