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    General CS4 Trial Conversion Questions

      Well, this doesn't have to do with After Effects specifically but this was the most active section and there wasn't a section that dealt with general questions. I'm currently an owner of the Creative Suite 3 Master Collection. I'm about to buy the trial DVD set for the CS4 Master Collection. However, I was curious as to what additional content specifically will I have to download when I convert my trial to the full product. The reason for this is that I'm a little bit pressed for space. So if anyone has bought the trial and then converted, can you tell me what additional download content is there specifically?
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          I don't think it's anything too important. Just some optional plugins, scripts and templates/ stock files for Photoshop and InDesign and some additional templates for Encore. If you are not using any of them, then you will not need additional space. Most other components are already on your drive once you install the trial, they are just inert and will only appear once you input your serial. Premiere and Encore will install some CoDecs for HDV, MXF and other formats, AE will enable mochaAE, the CC Plugins and Keylight...