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    AE7 Dynamic Link Question

    the_wine_snob Level 9
      Ive got a Project in PP2 right now and am looking for tips on using AE to do couple of steps to it, and also to save having to Export/Render several times. I have the CS2 Production Studio.

      Ive only used AE for simple animations, mainly Titles in Premiere and Menus in Encore. I have only used the Dynamic Link on a few occasions and then for these simple tasks and always going FROM AE to PP, or Encore.

      I have 14 Sequences/Timelines in PP2. These are made up of 10 sec. still images with X-dissolve Transitions between them all. Their Durations are from ~ 20 mins. to 40 mins. I now have to add Timecode and minor Titles to reference the Sequence numbers, then output to Encore2 for a set of DVDs. These will be shipped to my client for comments on doing the re-edit, hence the need for the Timecode and Sequence number.

      Other than using Dynamic Link to create a new Comp in AE and doing a Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c (in PP2 per each Timeline), then Ctrl-v (in AE), is there an easier way to do this linking? I think that I am missing something very important here.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          >is there an easier way to do this linking?

          Upgrade to CS4, which directly supports DynamicLink from Premiere to Encore. You could download the 30 daytrial, you know... Short of that, your import/ copy&paste into AE workflow is the only way to use this feature in CS2. Depending on what the clips actually are, physically rendering them might even be faster, and given that this seems to be an approval version, importing the title graphics in Premiere and punching in the TC there seems a viable option, anyway.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Thank you for the reply. I'm still waiting on reports from the field and also a new workstation, before jumping to CS4, so it's gotta' be CS2 for me. Also, this Project was originally done in P6.5 Mac and I've been able to Import it into CS2 PC, so I'd not wish to do another migration on it.

            So far, the Ctrl-a. c & v, has worked fine and Encore2 does bring the DL's from AE in fine. I guess that if it's working, I should not be trying to do more - greedy soul, that I am.

            Just wanted to make sure that I was not missing a even easier way to do it.

            The only time really spent is with the naming of the New Project in AE, and then the time for the AE Project Panel and Timeline to refresh with all the still images. So far, I've completed (and tested) five of the 14 Sequences in less time than to output a single DV-AVI, from which I'd still have to Export a DV-AVI with the Effects/Titles. I have learned that it does take PP a bit longer to load a Project with a bunch of DL's, but I can live with that - coffee time!

            Been meaning to get AE more involved in some of my Projects, and this has proved to be a good start. If I can learn something new each day, I consider THAT day a success.


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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Hehe, glad it works for you. The CS4 madness is somewhat ambiguous, so I strongly recommend you use the trial to get your own picture once you have your new machine. In particular some things with hardware accelerated functions have been known to cause some head-scratching for a number of users, and you wouldn't wanna throw money at an upgrade that doesn't work for you...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                Yes, so far CS2 is working fine with this DL Project. I'm learning as I go, since I've never done more than simple Menus and Titles in AE. Already found a few things that I *should* have done differently, but now I know better.

                As for CS4, it is confusing right now. I'll probably make the jump, if for no other reason than to get PS Extended. Still, it'll be after more reports from the early adopters and a new 64-bit workstation, so I have time to read and follow.

                Thanks for the tips. I'm sure that I'll be back for more "hand-holding," as the Project progresses.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  As this Project is coming together, I did notice one little problem, and made an observation about Transcode speed from Encore2 with the DL to the AE Project/Composition.

                  I added a very short (00;40;00) title Sequence from PP2. This was Black Video with three 12 sec. Titles (no animation, no Effects), followed by Black Video. Dip-to-Black Transitions were used between all Clips. A matching soundtrack was added (SmartSound - 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV), and the Sequence was linked (DL) to AE. When I did the Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c, then Ctrl-v into AEs Composition Project Panel, all came in fine as Solids, and populated the Timeline, as expected, with the Audio file running the entire Duration. I did not check this closely, as I should have. Like the other Compositions, I did a Render (DV-AVI) out of After Effects, and then linked (DL) into Encore. Once in Encore I went to Preview, and this Composition was blank. Went back to view the AVI Render file and it was blank, as well, though the Audio did play. In AE, I did a RAM Preview, and it was blank - just black on screen. It appears that the Titles from PP2 did not translate going into AE. Normally, Ive gone the other route, with Titles created in AE and linked back to PP2, so this was a first for me. Is there a limitation with PP2 Titles, or is this just a case of OE? Rather than try this again, I just did an Export (DV-AVI) out of PP2, discarded the DLs to both AE and Encore2 for this Asset and went on to build a test DVD-RW. That worked fine, but for future reference, I wonder what happened to this one Sequence.

                  Also, though the AVIs are fully Rendered in AE (DV-AVI), once linked to Encore2, the Transcode time is extremely slow. I can normally Transcode from DV-AVIs to a similar DVD Project in about 45 mins. This is taking about 6x as long. Is this just the way that it is with DL (CS2)? Machine is DuoCore 3.26GHz Intel, 4GB Corsair Pro RAM (3GB switch), nVidia Quadro 4500-512MB, 4x1TB SATAII HDDs + 1x1TB ATA-300 + 4x2TB IEEE-1394b externals. OS = XP-Pro SP3. All Scratch Disks are defragmented with plenty of free space. Similar Projects Transcode in 1/6 the time. I do not know if there is some limitation posed by AE, Dynamic Link, Encore2, or if this is normal, when using Dynamic Link. Just curious, as its not a big deal. Only means more coffee during this phase.