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    Failed Install?

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          Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place, but recently I have been receiving the 1603 fatal error when attempting to install After Effects CS4. I previously owned After Effects CS3 (which installed fine). When I found out CS4 came out I uninstalled CS3 from my computer, then downloaded the CS4 trial. But when I tried to install the CS4 trial I continued to get the 1603 fatal error code. To try to prevent this error from happening again I deleted my computers temporary files, and ran the adobe install cleanup. (I think that's what the name was.) I then restarted my computer and tried the install again. It failed. (I had no other programs running while I installed this.)I then deleted the trial from my computer and tried to re-install After Effects CS3. The install failed. The 1603 error came up once more. I have tried to install other programs (non adobe) on my computer and they have installed correctly.
          The computer Im using I built myself around 5 months ago. It runs smoothly and I have never encountered any problems like this before on it. It has 2 gigs of ram, a 2.53 ghz processor, 500 gb SATA hard drive, and a 9600 GT graphics card. I am running Windows XP on it as well. If anyone has any suggestions to help solve my problem please post them here.
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            You can contact Adobe Technical Support for help with issues like this. You are entitled to a certain number of free calls for "installation issues, basic usage questions, and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features".

            For information on what free technical support you're entitled to, see this page:

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              1603 is a generic socket error, usually caused by some security tool listening on one of system ports. Depending on your system config, you may simply wish to unplug any network connections, then disable the firewall or any virus scanners you have and try again.

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                I am having this same issue.
                I learned this is due failure to deactivate the application before deleting it . We're suppose to go the help menu when the application is opened, go to deactivate before uninstalling. Otherwise the warning said, you will not be able to run any adobe application of that same suite cs3 or cs4. Ex. if the application is of cs3, you not be able run any cs3 application again on that computer. weird? hnnn.

                My question is, is there a way out?
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Not really. Being the fragile construct it is, activation reacts quite badly on any attempt to coerce it. Deployment and licensing are two different things, though. Under normal circumstances, you can uninstall apps without deactivating and would still be able to re-install with a proper (old) activation. In any case, if it doesn't work, a call to Adobe support and going through the full procedure of having the activations released manually is the only option.