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    QUADRO CX & Open-GL problem with After Effects


      Im using Adobe After Effects CS4 on my 8-core intel machine with a brand new QUADRO CX graphic card i just bought.

      With After Effects I noticed that when I apply the Turbulent Noise OR Fractil Noise and turn on OPEN-GL it shows a different pattern than when I turn off OPEN-GL in AE.

      I think this is a problem with OPEN-GL. Does someone have the same problem? What do I need to do? I mean I bought this card for a high price and it shows me this strange problem..


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Most likely it's a bug that somehow skews the random seed. Beyond that - no idea. I'm still saving money for a new computer and a CX simply isn't in the budget, so chances are slim that I will ever be useful in these matters. ;-) Just make sure to file it on the official bug report form: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish. Otherwise, as a joint venture product, the CX certainly comes with some kind of extended support on Adobe's end, so a call to support might provide some help (after the 5th of January).