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    Reason for "RAM Preview Not In Realtime" error

    (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
      I think I found a reason for why the "RAM Preview not in realtime" error pops up on the OSX version of AE. If you have your desktop background set to change every X seconds, the preview seems to suffer from that process going on in the background. Having OpenGL enabled/disabled doesn't seem to make a difference. Disabling the background image from cycling seems to remove any existing playback inconsistencies. This might have existed in earlier versions of AE than I'm using right now (as well as earlier versions of OSX), but I can't confirm that. The system I'm on is a 14GB 2.8 octocore, GeForce 8800GT, raptors & barracudas,OS 10.5.6, AE CS4 (updated).
      If others can confirm this behavior, we can submit it to aebugs.
      Thanks, and Happy Holidays!