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    animating solids on a shape layer

      Hello, using AE CS3 for windows and I can't find this topic on the forums:

      I've been able to animate a rectangle along a shape layer by pasting the properties of the shape layer into the position of the rectangle. (also assigned the alpha matte to the shape layer) so that's the good part.

      but I want to have this rectangle bend with the circular shape of the layer so it looks like "a swoosh". (if you've seen the circles around the comedy network's logo: http://www.comedynetwork.ca/ it's like that.

      I can't beleive it's taken me this long to make a silly line that streaks!

      any help is appreciated.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          A biggy fatty stroke perhaps? Text layers (dingbats) on mask paths? Otherwise AE does not provide native deformations for this kind of stuff. If you need it, you would have to use displacement effects such as Bezier Warp or third-party plug-ins like Path Distort from Digital Anarchy's (now Red Giant) Anarchy Toolbox... most of that CC stuff is done in 3D programs, though.

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            Thank you Mylenium, half my battle with this program has been wondering about the native deformations available but you have made me think of a great option; deform an existing text preset!!

            I'll be giving that a try while looking into a 3d program to incorporate. I didn't give it much thought when purchasing the adobe production bundle but I thought there would have been more of a 3-d presence in the package.

            thanks again.
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              Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
              Just using a shape layer stroke will give you the option to have a SQUARE start/end stroke along a path.

              You can have it start as a square, and, because it is a stroke, it will bend with your path

              (link to reference does not work)

              Alternatively, you could stack your solids closely together with an offset.
              Also, check out the new path plugins from Cycore!