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    Red Frames When Exporting Swf

      I haven't been able to find more info about this issue anywhere, and I'm hoping someone here will be able to help.

      I'm exporting animations from After Effects as swf files, but in some of my files, the exported swf has flashes of solid red frames (and no, my background color isn't set as red)

      I have no clue how to fix this error. Does anyone know what's going on here?
      All that is in my project is a .psd image file being manipulated with the puppet tool.
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          I do a lot of after effects to flash work, and I almost never render .swf's in AE. It's kind of frustrating how poor of a job AE does in rendering a file in an Adobe format, but I digress.

          I use quicktime pro ($30. Totally worth it.) or I render .mov's or image sequences and bring them into flash and export the .swf there.
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            Probably hiccups during render that damage the embedded JPEG streams... As per the previous poster, I'd simply resort to different ways of generating the SWF. The whole process is rather twitchy in AE. If you have CS4, there's an even better solution by converting the layers to individual PNGs, animating them in AE and then using XFL to bring them as native items into Flash.

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              Thanks for your help! I do have quicktime pro, but I didn't think it exported swf files.. just flv?

              Good call on importing image sequences to flash, though whenever I try to do it Flash crashes mid-import. I think it's because have too many image files and not enough memory - it just freezes up.

              Do you know of any good programs that can convert a .mov file to a swf while retaining the alpha channel? (for a mac)

              Thanks again for your help.
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                Woops. Good call yxip. Got my flash formats switched for a second there. Quicktime does .flv not .swf like you say.

                Yes, you can import a quicktime with an alpha layer.

                From AE export a quicktime, go to video settings and under compression type select animation

                in the compressor part select "millions of colors +" That "+" is your alpha layer.

                Now export.

                In flash go to import to stage. Select your video. Hit import. Select "Embed video in .swf and play in timeline. For symbol type I do embedded video.

                Now you are in the encoding options. Select video and then check the box that says "encode alpha channel" continue and finish.

                There you go!