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    Moving Text help.

      Need some advice. I have a meeting where I will be playing back a composition to several screens using Christie projectors, a Encore switching system and a GVG Turbo as the playback device. My bag is the projection and the switching and an outside company is providing the playback files. The issue I am having is with text animating across the screen. The delivered file is HD 1920x1080i. The resolution to the screens is 1080p. The AE project is created in 1080p, but since the Turbo can only output 1080i we have asked for 1080i to eliminate interpolation issues. Anyway, the text that
      animates horizontally and vertically stutters considerably. Not so noticeable on a small display, but
      very obvious on a projected screen with large dimensions. Thoughts?

      Happy New Year.

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          If you still have access to the AE file, try going into the render settings and change them to render 1080i and see how that looks.
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            The joys of temporal sampling mishmash... I would assume that the projectors (or a device inbetween the chain) are doubling the frames to get the correct frame rate, which of course looks utterly *narf* when the distance a pixel travels between frames exceeds a certain value in realworld measurements. Your problem is not the stuff being progressive per se, but how the devices treat it, intensified by the shortcomings of human perception. Once more today I must concur with Mike - only properly rendering an 1080i will eliminate these issues, if you cannot find ways to enforce proper progressive projection by flipping switches on the hardware. Perhaps you can play with the phase shift and interpolation settings on the projectors a bit and see, if it makes any difference...