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      I Am using After effect cs4 to do some special effects for my movie, but when i try to import it to windows movie maker it does not work. And if u know any movie editors that can read AE files please tell me
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          Whoa. Where to start. First of all. DON'T USE MOVIE MAKER. If you have AE or access to AE you can probably use premiere.

          Second of all. AE is the only program that reads AE files. When you have gotten your comp to where you want it you need to export or render your comp as a .avi (if you insist on using moviemaker) or a .mov or a still image sequence.
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            Windows Movie Maker only accepts DV-AVIs and WMV files. As pointed out by Mike, you will have to render to those formats if you really must cling to using that tool. If you're serious about editing, though, you should really consider buying a "decent" program for this. Vegas LE, Ulead Media Studio, Various Magix products, Edius LE and last but not least Premiere Elements would provide a much better workflow. All of them still require you to render the clips, though, as only the "big" Premiere Pro supports native import of AE projects via Dynamic Link. However, you are much more flexible in your choice of CoDecs and formats with these commercial programs which will allow you to better retain quality.