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    Questions for any action movie people... thanks for any help

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      I am gonna do a few action oriented films at my school and since all the students around me are too artsy fartsy for action movies, I have taken it upon myself to learn After Effects CS4. I know Final Cut Pro very well but AE is a different beast all together. Got the trial last week and already learned to roto-scope and key explosions in behind actors. Now I would love it if somebody could point me in the right direction (maybe a nice video tutorial) in some other areas.

      I would like to know any good methods for adding a good fake camera rattle; during an explosion. Also any good ways to adjust lighting so it looks like light was given off by the explosion?

      Also any techniques for making a heat blur. Let's say a fire is on the bottom of the frame and an actor is behind it. Any ways to achieve the intense heat look.

      And finally what is a good way to make a bullet tracer? Like a 50 caliber bullet flying by.

      Thanks for any help! Happy New Year