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    How do i pause between looping?

      Hello All

      I'm doing a banner that a clients wants to continue to loop on their web site. How do i pause for about 1 minute or so, before it starts back up again?



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          If you are outputting a gif then you'd set the timing in Fireworks or Photoshop or another animated gif tool.

          If you are outputting for flash you control the timing with action script in Flash.

          There's no way in AE to vary the frame rate of the output directly.
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            As pointed out by Rick, this must be done in the program that ultimately generates the GIF frames or Flash bay ways of delayed playback. I suggest you simply render a MOV or an image sequence and import it into Photoshop Extended or Flash. Rendering GIFs from AE doesn't produce that exciting results anyway and you may gain further optimization by better palette handling and manual deletion of redundant frames in those programs.

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              quick and dirty:

              create a freeze frame at the last frame of the animation where it should stop (precompose first if multiple layer animation ) >> extend the freeze frame for the desired minute or so >> add to render queue (always use the render queue! not the export dialog! >> set output module to "Animated Gif" - Web Safe or System (experiment for yourself) - No Dithering - Looping >> hit render.

              Klick here

              this is about 57 kb for a 5 secs loop, but it can become huge to load for web if 60 seconds or so.


              you also can set output to Flash Video in Ae but in CS3 i cannot see a checkbox for loop paramter.
              FLV will provide you much nicer colors, gradients an motion blur.

              adding the "loop" parameter tags later when embedding into HTML or equivalent Programming Language you can find with ease with google.