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    After Effects to YouTube (HD)

    CharlesCambel Level 1
      I have a project I just completed in After Effects (1080i).

      I want to put it up on youtube in HD format but I'm having a hell of a time figuring out which format works best.

      Here are the formats that youtube suggests:


      I'm working with Windows XP and I'm using After Effects CS3.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should render my project to, so that I can upload it and have it look great on youtube (in HD on youtube as well)...


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          The playback settings are determined automatically depending on the connection speed and availability of proxies. You have no influence on that, except for advising your potential viewers to manually hack in a higher setting (which may result in blank players because no such quality is available). If you will, it can still look like **** even if you upload a perfect quality clip because the management back end decides your connection is too slow and delivers a low-bandwidth version first. Another factor is the popularity of your clips. If it is only called up once or twice a month, it will most likely never get the high quality treatment... Anyway, exporting a normal H.264 clip from AE should prove sufficient as should QT's flavor of H.264. Both tools obey the standard requirements for such content. And if you are really after quality, Vimeo is a much better place....

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            CharlesCambel Level 1
            Thanks Mylenium. I'm going to check out Vimeo. They have a tutorial for Premiere Pro CS3 / After Effects CS3 exporting...pretty cool.

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              bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
              also, see this series of three articles at Ken Stone's site:


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                CharlesCambel Level 1
                Thanks for the tips guys. I decided to go with Vimeo...here are my results: