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    CS4 and huffyuv

    Miha Kokalj Level 1

      I'm trying to use huffyuv lossless codec. It works for the most part but in certain video clips i get the "cant retrieve frame from something.avi" error. Always with the same clip and at the same frame. The clip itself isnt damaged (i can work with it outside of after effects). If I decompress it to regular uncompressed avi it works fine.

      Any idea if its a fixable problem? I'm working with some digitally produced images with one color background which results in about a 70% decrease of the clip sizes, so it isnt just a small inconvenience.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          If you get the error, the clip is damaged. It may not have any impact on the visual presentation of the pixels, but the streams are damaged at that frame regardless of what you think otherwise. This can be anything from a slight TC offset to something weird with audio and metadata streams. The reason you are not having trouble with other tools, is probably that they don't care much or apply some error correction. Anyway, if you encounter such a file, converting it is your only option. HuffYUV hasn't been much updated in eons, so in terms of future-proofness it's not the best choice to archive and transfer your files anymore. You really should consider switching to QT and its CoDecs. They still support legacy stuff like Animation and PNG and JPG2000 do a pretty decent job at lossless compression. as an alternative, consider image sequences. LZW-compressed TIFFs and PNGs can be very small, if indeed there is a lot of evenly colored areas. An lest we forget: Now that AE supports OpenEXR fully, it should be a no-brainer to use that format. It's file sizes can be ridiculously small even at full 32bpc if you use B44 compression...