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    WSDL import -> falsely null dataset values

      1. Import http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/newwebservices/locationverifier.asmx?wsdl
      2. Choose only the "findLocation" web service.
      3. Set up a trivial MXML test case and feed it "801 North Capitol St" as an example address to find.

      If you watch the strongly-typed gov.dc.ReturnObject you'll see legit values for some attributes
      (e.g., processTime) but returnDataset will always be null even though the information I need is present in the response XML. (It gets lost in the SOAPDecoder decodeEnvelope function.)

      I've attached the actual XML response (with a few carriage returns for clarity.) The contents of the returnDataset I need are indeed present . I'm new to Flex, but consume them just fine via .Net.

      I'm not the author of the service, just a consumer. Is Flex not importing the WSDL correctly?
      Are the proxies inadequate? Is the WSDL flawed?

      I'm still very new and would love a simple workaround. I'd hate to drop back to using
      the older Webservice approach. Can I tweak the existing proxies to give me the dataset I want
      as an XML construct I can use?