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    font problem

      I've got 4 Univers fonts (ttf) installed on my system but my Adobe applications, including AE-CS3 don't display the bold versions in their type style boxes.

      Word for Windows see's 'em though!

      Anyone know what's goin' on here?

      Windows XP-Pro
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Do they appear as separate entries in the font list? If so, they may simply do not contain proper font family info. The behavior is therefore considered to be correct and actually Windows' grouping by name is incorrect. Also look whether they are all from the same language region. If you mix e.g. a Western encoded font with an East European version, they won't be grouped correctly, either. At any rate, you may wish to take the opportunity and check whether a better OpenType version is available and if it's worth updating. Fonts get reworked and refined from time to time, including addition of new glyphs and having things such as a Euro sign, alternate tabular numbers or additional ligatures may prove useful, even for Word or better formatting in Excel...