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    wrinkled text effect - how do I do it?

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      I have a shot of my bedroom with a sheet spread over the bed. I want to put a text layer on the sheet, as if it was printed on the sheet itself.
      So, the text should be a bit wrinkled, with few 'waves' (like the sheet).
      As I see it I should use 2 effects:
      1. effect for the text to seems wavey and wrinkled
      2. effect to deform the words, so, for example, if I write HELLO, the H should be bigger and the L should be smaller cause the cloth is a bit folded at that point...

      I hope you catch my drift here...
      Help needed!
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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          The typical way to create such distortion is with a Displacement effect.

          The way I'd tackle such an effect is:

          Place your bedroom shot on the timeline. Duplicate it.

          Select the topmost copy and precompose it.

          In the precomp, add the Levels effect. Adjust until you can see the tone of the sheet folds and wrinkles very clearly, ranging as much as possible from true black to true white.

          Go back to your main comp. Turn off the topmost precomp layer's visibility so you can see the original footage below it.

          Create your text, and position it over the bed.

          Apply the Distort/Displacement Map effect to the text. Set the Precomp layer as the displacement map source. Adjust the degree of distortion until you're happy.

          This description assumes you are working with a static shot, without camera movement, sheet movement or anything else between the sheet and camera. If any of these occur in the footage, everything becomes FAR more complicated - you will need to motion track any moving elements and tie that data to the text.
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            Thank you very much for the explanation.
            As you mentioned, my shot is not stable, but I have dealt before with motion tracking, so I'm kinda familier with that.
            I didn't know about the displacment effect, and I will try it as soon as I get home...
            Thank you again!
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              fuaho Level 1
              You should read up on "bump" maps and "displacement" maps. These are just greyscale images that can be used to control apparent and actual surface textures.