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    PreComp becomes Blurry, why??

      I have a weird thing happening here in AE.

      I have a keyed video in a precomp. That precomp now goes in another comp where it gets scaled down and cropped - the composition changes size which crops the video. Finally this Comp is nested/placed in a new comp where it is arranged with other videos.

      So normal AE compositing and all, nesting and precomposing, but something weird is happening. The 2nd precomp that I am placing in the MASTER Composition is appearing blury. So to check what's up I placed the origional keyed footage in the same comp and gave it the same scale and ... this one appears sharp and normal.

      There seems to be something up with AE when you scale footage in a precomp and then view in a final comp.

      Anyone solve this, or is there some setting I need to switch.

      (The setting in all the comps have "preserve resolution when nested" checked in the advanced tap in the composition settings.