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    AE7 won't startup-PPro, Encore and Audition just fine

      I'm running Production Studio 1 for couple of years now. No problems. I work in it everyday. Last night tried to open AE7 and got a window that said "Personalize Your Software" I put in name and serial number but it said that it was not valid. It's the same one as all the other programs. I called Adobe this am and they said to upgrade, they don't have customer support for this older version.>:( Any ideas. I probably should upgrade it's just that I'm in the middle of a huge job. I tried reinstalling. no luck.
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          craulmedia Level 1
          That´s BS! Who is ADOBE to tell YOU upgrading software which actualy is running (did ran) without any hassles?

          This is very suspect to me.

          try to find some Articles about Flex Licensing or equivalent to Privacy or problems when Register your purchased Studio.

          this answer from Adobe support is inacceptable because its a known issue




          or here


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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            If the solutions linked from the knowledge base don't work, then a full re-install seems inevitable. Unfortunately the separate apps have no knowledge about being part of a suite, so inputting a production studio serial may fail. And though Thomas has a point and on some idealistic level I agree, it would still be naive to expect >>>free<<< support to eternity when already 2 new versions have been issued. Microsoft doesn't do that and every call to Apple costs money and users of Autodesk, SAP, Oracle and other software pay for service via their subscription fees... It's just the way it is.