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    Problem Importing .mpg in AE--AEGP Plugin AAF error


      A few weeks ago, I had a low-res .mpg clip that I was animating with AE CS3. Everything was fine and dandy.

      Then, I decided that I should edit together a series of similar .mpg clips with PPro1.5 and animate my edited clip with AE CS3. I set up my PPro project files in the same folder as my AE project. Half-way through the edit, I decided to abandon the PPro project and go back to the original AE animation that I'd been working on. However, when I opened up AE this time, my original .mpg clip had been replaced with color bars as a placeholder even though my animation layer was fine.

      Now, .mpg files don't even show up unless I choose "Show All Files" (vs "All Acceptable Files"). And even then, when I try to import .mpg's, I get the following error:

      After Effects: AEGP Plugin AAF: Error occurred while creating project.

      Anyone know what's going on here? Thanks in advance for your help.