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    Using the mask tool.. need help

      The StudentFilmmakers magazine has an Adobe forum with an After Effects section and we have a few questions that need answers. Here is a link to one and below is the question.


      "Hey! I'm experiencing After fx for the first time.... and I wonder how I use the mask tool to remove something in a movie clip.

      I have a clip with a boy jumping on a trampoline....then I want to cut out the background and insert a mountain cliff so it seems that he falls from the cliff.....

      How ?? "

      We love Adobe products and we feature film and video makers from out networking section each issue. We very much apreciaete help from professionals or knowlegable people. You are welcome to put your links in your signature and we do reward our posters and feature networkers in the magazine.
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          craulmedia Level 1
          you see the pen tool? right! Start drawing a mask around your actor.

          no, stop!

          don´t get me wrong, but please go here an learn some basic stuff before you start questions about basic stuff.

          NOTE: Turn your speakers down before opening the link above ;)
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            That is an interesting. Does anyone have a better answer?
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              craulmedia Level 1
              Better answer??

              - Place the movie in the timeline creating a new composition of the size of your footage or drag it onto the "create new Comp" icon.

              - interpret your footage properly

              - use the pen tool and start to draw a mask around your jumping trampoline guy at the very first frame of your timeline

              - open the mask properties of your movie layer and click the stopwatch icon to create a keyframe for the mask shape properties

              - now move one frame forward in the timeline and readjust the mask - keyframes will be added automatically for you

              - if done, move next frame in timeline and readjust your mask

              - if done, move next frame in timeline and readjust your mask

              - if done, move next frame in timeline and readjust your mask

              - if done, move next frame in timeline and readjust your mask

              - if done, move next frame in timeline and readjust your mask

              - if done, move next frame in timeline and readjust your mask

              - ... if done with all, click the "show transparency" button of your comp window. place your mountain underneath the masked movie and you're done.

              this is called rotoscoping and makes a lot of fun.

              if your actor was shot in front of a green screen or a blue box, you could use the Ae keying plugs and make this process a lot easier, of course i would not recommend a desk lamp for lighting your scene and not a $ 100,- videocamera from Wal Mart.

              better answer?
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                yes, thank you. if you ever want to help students please sign up and help in the forums - you can put your link in your signature for traffic and the magazine always needs tood articles...
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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                  Kim (StudentFilmMakers Magazine),

                  As you've cut and pasted Thomas' response into your own Forum, it would be appropriate to (a) credit him for the response, and (b) credit the Forum in which the response was found, ie THIS Forum.

                  Further to your question, depending on the camera angle, if the subject was shot against a clear blue sky and was wearing non-blue clothing, it's very possible much of the work could be done by simply keying out the sky. The resulting keyed material would probably then only require "cleanup" rotoscoping when the subject is close to the trampoline surface.
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                    craulmedia Level 1
                    Dear Mister Kim Welch

                    i want immediate clarification on that situation.

                    I´ve registered at student filmmakers Mag sent you a private message to refer the link to this post at your forum.

                    i´ve posted at your forum for clarification but you have edited my post an banned my Account + IP-Adress immediately.

                    This is Kim Welch answer to my PM

                    > This is the message that was sent:
                    you are really bad. you put more time into saying negative things and looking for ways to put someone down that helping.

                    on login i get this message:

                    > You have been banned for the following reason:
                    Posting Negative Deragatory Statements
                    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

                    I did not wrote any negative word than to refer to this forum post here.

                    i want to point out to clear this up, otherwise i will contact Adobe immediately.

                    Your Procedure is inacceptable.
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                      craulmedia Level 1
                      Mr. Kim Welch,

                      you have edited your forum again in the last 30 minutes and put the whole situation into the complete wrong light.
                      the only who is negative now is you.

                      If you have QUOTED the answer in your forum with a link to adobe forums instead of acting that it was your idea, no one would ever had a problem with that.

                      now you turned the whole situation into bad for yourself and make your platform unreliable for most people who have followed this case.

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                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                        I just read your account of this interaction on the Student Filmmakers forum.

                        I believe that Andrew was merely suggesting that you give Thomas credit for his answer.

                        I recommend that in the future you link from one forum to another rather than copy and paste material and represent it as your own. Then, all people on both forums can share in the free exchange of information and no one feels that their information or ideas have been misappropriated or misrepresented.

                        Please read the terms of use for this website. Copying material from this website and representing it as your own, without proper attribution, may in some cases be a violation of these terms of use.
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                          john cornicello (retired) Level 4
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                            Dear Thomas Craul,

                            I don't mind posting links or crediting people, companies or organizations. I EDITED your post before I posted it. I also deleted it after you posted a very rude comment instead of asking me privately to credit you which i would have gladly done. Let me say that again. I WOULD HAVE GLADLY CREDITED YOU. I DO IT EVERYDAY FOR OTHERS IN OUR MAGAZINE AND WEBSITE. However, your high and might rude post made me know I want nothing to do with these kinds of people. It was very wrong for our forums. You have that i am smarter than you and you like to put people down with comments and corrections in a harsh negative way. The posts in our forums are not like that and we want them to be about knowledge without all the other stuff.

                            We have published articles about Adobe products over the last three years. I edit and approve each one. Additionally, Adobe advertises with us every two or three months. I always make sure they get the best lists and information. Good luck on your future projects. Let me know if we can help.
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                              craulmedia Level 1
                              Ok, usually i do not want to get involved in such nonsense discussions.

                              if you can prove or re-post my "rude" message and try make me my face turn red - please do so, but i hardly believe that someone will find anything "rude" in my reply - so you´d better don´t try to fake anything around here.

                              My information is nothing about to copyright and i provide it for free but with every single post i have to agree to "terms of use" as Adobe has written them.

                              You got a very friendly advice from Andrew which you did not have followed in any case, so YOU have violated the terms of use of this forum in two cases.

                              not that you just have violated the rules, you have edited my original answer AND my replys several times AND banned my account for nothing.

                              Everything already calmed down hours ago and Todd Kopriva kindly (as he ever does) provided further information on Rotoscoping to which you easily could refer for your students without any word, but you rather still complain counterproductive dirt and this just makes me mad and i have to believe now that you must be a complete Idiot.
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                                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                This thread has said what needs to be said, I believe, and the original question has been answered, so it is now closed.