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    a good pc for CS4?

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1

      currently i'm running CS3 on a G5 mac. i used to use it on a pc but found it a lot more unstable.

      I'm also usually a pc fan, i have that at home, but i'm now very happy running a mac at work.

      so now i need to have a pc in my area for a new avid system we've got. they were going to give me the extra machine, but i'm wondering if i should move AE over to a new pc, have a hardware update and get cs4.

      so a couple of questions:

      1) hopefully without opening a can of worms, does anyone feel that either mac or pc is more stable when it comes to AE cs4? or any other preferences?

      2) if i do get a pc, can anyone recommend a good build? ie ram, gfx, cpu etc. it will need to drive a black magic card too as i view what i'm working on on a pal (and soon hd) broadcast monitor.

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          Dan Jacobsen Level 1
          actually, i should of said the kind of work it's for.

          mostly short form, working on small sections 2sec up to 40sec. with a client present so stability is a major concern. i often need to do ram previews as quickly as possible, and for that matter rendering too.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Hi Dan, If you are serious about the matter, you should consider Vista64. Since you seem to be more focused on good feedback while working, one of those new core7i chips might be a good choice. If the price is too steep, settle for a conventional quad core or even dual core (intel 9200 and 8600 series, if I'm not mistaken). In that case I'd also only get a single processor. Otherwise you will only have to get bucketloads of RAM for multiprocessing which you will not necessarily use during editing the project. Otherwise 16GB should be more than sufficient. In terms of graphics, go for the card that is most compatible with the BMD card. AE really doesn't use OpenGL that much, and even the cheaper model cards provide enough power. Of course feel free to spend as much money on good components as you can afford... ;-)

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              craulmedia Level 1
              if you can afford it let yourself build a custom machine from Alienware
              http://www.alienware.com/ running Vista 64 to have all the benefits.
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                be wary of the BMD pci-x cards, we have a HD pci-x one and it wont run in PCs with > 4gb ram visible to the operating system, have tried under both xp64 and vista64, if you remove some ram, or truncate it by way of bcdedit in vista64, then it will only work if <=4gb is visible?

                does anyone have any HD pci-x AJA xena cards running under a 64bit os with > 4gb ram
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                  Dan Jacobsen Level 1
                  thanks guys.

                  I forgot to ask about vista 64, i was wondering if it would be the best op for me.

                  i'd better check if avid interplay works on it though.

                  that's a bit worrying about the BMD cards. i don't use it for input output to tape anymore, but it's very important for monitoring.

                  is there a better way of getting the output of AE onto a hd router?
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                    bmd incompatabilty with > 4gb ram was tested on the pci-x HD pro version only, havent tried the pci-e versions
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                      Dan Jacobsen Level 1
                      has anyone found a difference in stability between AE on a PC vs a mac?
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                        Anecdotal evidence on this forum suggest perhaps a slight preference in
                        stability on the PC platform at the current time. Again, the words
                        slight and anecdotal should be emphasized.
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                          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                          It's solid on both systems. I can tell you that from personal experience. The only difference is, that on PCs it's a bit more optimized and on heavy renders, these optimizations pay off by slightly shorter rendering times.

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                            Dan Jacobsen Level 1
                            great thx guys.